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  • Linda B reported significant weight loss, more energy, overall feeling of wellness, better eating habits, less arthritic pain. After completing our wellness program, she was able to avoid back surgery and took the trip of a lifetime, a three-week tour of Italy!

    - Linda B
  • Another person suffering with chronic pain and suffering from hormonal imbalances said she can manage her health without harmful prescription meds as she now knows how to care for her health naturally with nutrition, supplementation and exercise.

    - Kelly C
  • Bridget E. was complaining about feeling winded due to her weight, she had chronic inflammation and liver, and kidney function was down. She felt her health was in a downward spiral and was on 8-10 prescription medications. She said, I came here because I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired! My bodily systems were not working as they should as I suffered from constipation for years, I felt horribly ill after eating certain foods. I knew I needed a healthier way of life and a healthier feeling of well-being. Upon completion of our program this is what she had to say. The pain in my trunk, under my breast has gone away, I have daily bowel movements and no longer feel miserable. I’ve lost weight/inches all over my body and have eliminated ALL MEDICATIONS!

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  • If I had not decided to join the program, I would not have found out how bad my health really was.

    - Katherine S
  • I met my weight loss goal and am off of meds!

    - Carla B
  • I have overcome my 55-year addiction to coffee

    - Bridget E
  • I have lost weight, improved sleep pattern, increase in energy level, and overall balance is better.

    - C Hall
  • I’m able to manage my blood sugar naturally, I’m off all diabetic medications.

    - Tracey R
  • I no longer need blood pressure medications!

    - Felicia L
  • I joined the program so I could avoid Alzheimer’s Disease and not become my mother. After my lab work and hormonal testing came back, I found I had Hashimoto’s Thyroid Disease! I understand what is happening to my health.

    - Debbie M
  • I have fewer gut issues, I feel calmer, have dropped 25 pounds and I don’t feel any negative results. The arthritis is less intense, negligible most of the time.

    - G Johnson
  • I discovered other health problems that were causing my existing health issues. I’m very thankful for this opportunity.

    - C. Hall
  • lost 25 pounds and can wear a lot of my older clothes!

    - Tracey R
  • Oh my goodness! I feel alive and functioning, sleeping at night, minimal pain, and tremors. Cognitive functions are much greater! I’ve lost over 45 pounds!

    - Thomas P
  • I was able to to eliminate cholesterol medication. I am getting better sleep and have lost more weight than I had ever lost. My knee pains have disappeared, and my brain fog is mostly gone.

    - Rose P
  • I knew I had a weight problem, a negative mental outlook, and brain fog. I tried every diet with minimal success. I knew I needed a lifestyle change but didn’t know how to do it the right way. Candy. Two months into our program she said, I have lost stubborn weight, my mental outlook has significantly improved. I feel like I have a new lease on life. I am a changed person!

    Show More - Candy

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